Monday November 25, 2019 - Chief Justice David Maraga will for the first time be subjected to a probe by the Judicial Service Commission in a move seeking to remove him from office.

Justice Maraga, who is also the President of the Supreme Court and Chairman of JSC, will get an opportunity to meet his accuser, Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf, face-to-face.

Mr. Ibrahim, through the law firm Charles Koech & Associates, had in March pointed out allegations against Mr. Maraga, ranging from tribalism to attending political rallies and lifting a quote from a judgment that was yet to be delivered, among others.
Judiciary Registrar Anne Amadi said the petition will kick off next week on Wednesday.

She told Ibrahim to avail documents and witnesses in the same regard.

The hearing comes at the time the Judiciary is at loggerheads with the executive on cutting down of the budget by Sh3 billion, a move that irked Maraga.

“Some of the incidents that we encounter are deliberate attempts to undermine the judiciary." 

"On many occasions, the judiciary has not been given treatment that is commensurate to other organs of government,” Maraga had said.

But last week, Treasury seemed like they had made a u-turn after condemnation from a section of lawyers and politicians.

After the hearing, JSC will make recommendations on Maraga's fate. 

His deputy, Philomena Mwilu, is also facing corruption-related cases in court.


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