Saturday November 9, 2019 - Nominated MP, David Sankok, has insulted Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, after his candidate, Imran Okoth, won the Kibra by-election on Thursday.

Sharing his thoughts on social Friday , Sankok sarcastically congratulated Imran for his stellar political run, stating that he was happy that he had been elected MP in 'someone else's bedroom'.

He further explained that Mariga had not lost the polls but had simply postponed the victory to 2022 like other legislators who had beaten Raila in his own political backyard over time.
“We invaded his bedroom (Kibra) and managed to snatch his mattress, bedsheets, and blankets."

"We have now left him sleeping in a toiletless bedroom unclothed till 2022 when we plan a free kick by Mariga to land him to Bondo," he wrote.

The MP, who represents disabled people in the society, stated that the war against Raila's political stature had been dealt a tough blow in the past and mentioned that ODM should be prepared for a bigger war with 2022 around the corner.

"This journey started in 2017 when we snatched the bed Langata constituency of Nixon Korir from Baba's bedroom."

"In 2018 we confronted Tinga bila mafuta (rudderless Raila) with the handshake to graduate him into a class monitor to silence his fellow professional hecklers so that we can implement our Jubilee manifesto in a conducive silent environment," Sankok said.


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