Sunday November 17, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared the recently concluded Kibra by-election as free and fair.

While speaking to GEMA leaders in Sagana, Uhuru, who is the Jubilee Party leader, told his Kikuyu kinsmen to rally behind the BBI because it was the surest route to peace in the country.

He noted that bringing Kenyans together was his legacy when leaving office and he did not want to see Kikuyus sidelined in the formation of future Governments.
Uhuru, who maintained the Kikuyu dialect throughout the tensed meeting, revealed a plan to kick start a series of major developments targeting Mt. Kenya region including roads, water and improved security among others.

In a veiled attack against his Deputy, William Ruto, the President pointed out that some leaders were out to split the GEMA community.

Politicians allied to DP Ruto were reportedly sidelined during the meeting and those who attended were subjected to tight scrutiny by the hawk eyed Presidential security detail.

Well aware that the DP Ruto had planted spies, no one was allowed into the meeting with phones, wristwatches, earings and every other object that can be potentially used for spying.


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