Friday November 22, 2019 - Former Presidential candidate, Martha Karua, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta not to consider being a Prime Minister after he completes his second term in power. 

Speaking at a women's conference in Nairobi on Tuesday, Karua said Uhuru should retire from politics in a peaceful way and pave way for others to rule.

The Narc Kenya leader opined that Uhuru has played his part in the political arena, adding that retirement is the best move he can make when that time comes.
“As a good friend, I am telling the President to not be tempted to preside over an unconstitutional post."

"Finish your term and let somebody else take the mantle,” Karua said.

During the Sagana meeting, President Uhuru hinted that he is ready to assume the role of the Prime Minister if given the chance to do so.

At the same time, Karua refuted claims that she intends to deputize any Presidential candidate before 2022.

According to her, she wasn't born to be second in command, adding that she will not enter into such a deal.

Karua urged women from different political divides to unite so that they can take over leadership. 

She divulged that women have been sidelined for many years, adding that time has come for them to rise to the occasion so that they can count as well.


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