Tuesday November 19, 2019 - A vocal Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MP has castigated the US Government for banning Busia Senator, Amos Wako, from travelling to the land of opportunities.

In an interview with NTV on Tuesday morning, Rarieda MP, Otiende Amollo, said the US should table evidence to show how Wako and his family were engaged in graft instead of issuing a long statement without clear explanation.

“I find that curious."2

"I think it should go further when you have evidence (of corruption) don’t just share it with the Kenyan Government, share it with the rest of us," Amollo said.
The MP also raised concern about the ban on Wako's wife, and son, adding that during the Senators's time as AG, his wife did not feature anywhere in his duties.

Otiende further noted that the son, is an independent legal practitioner who should not be included in the accusations facing the father.

"When you list the wife and the son, what signal are you sending?"

"Because corruption is individual, and people should be held individually accountable," he said.


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  1. ODM, COMING IN SUPPORT OF wako,what if it was Ruto???