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Friday November 29, 2019-Renowned Political scientist, Prof Edward Kisiangani, has laughed at Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and Kieleweke leaders for making noise about Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) yet they were the ones who came up with proposals.

On Thursday, a section of ODM leaders cried foul over BBI saying it should be implemented through a referendum and not through a parliamentary process.

Prof Kisiang'ani now finds this questionable and is suspecting something in the new push, given that they would be more comfortable passing the suggestions in parliament.

"I don't know what to make of this noise from ODM and some Kiekeweke MPs about the BBI. This is their report. Now they say they don't want Parliament where they belong to play any part yet most of them proposed a parliamentary system in which MPs would have had excess power," Kisiangani asked on Thursday.

Kisiang'ani pointed out that the group could be feeling shortchanged by the BBI taskforce, by failing to include their demands, and no longer want it passed quickly through the parliament.

"Just wondering aloud! Have some people in the Kiekeweke team suddenly gotten the gut feeling that their own BBI team has short-changed them and undermined the initial high expectations set?,” he posed.


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