Friday, November 22, 20190 - Celebrated media personality, Anne Kiguta, has shared a photo of her early days as a journalist before the fame and money, to inspire those starting out in their careers.

Taking to twitter, the K24 political talk show host reacted to a photo that her former colleague at Citizen TV, Willis Raburu, shared on Instagram.

The throwback photo shows Anne Kiguta appearing to punch veteran gospel DJ and TV host, DJ Moz, when they were working together at Hope FM.

The self-declared ‘Queen of Politics’ thanked Willis for reminding her how far she had come and went on to recount the beginning of her media journey at Hope FM when she was just 18 years old.
 “I was 18. First job at Hope Fm. Really earning peanuts. No what’s less than peanuts? Half a peanut? That’s what I was earning. I’d leave the Daystar Athi River campus, drop off at Airport view estate and literally walk all the way to NPC valley road… actually it was more like run! Why walk, because I had to choose between the luxury of getting on a bus or a cab or saving that fare."

“Looking back I’m so thankful for that. Cause if you learn how to build it, no one will ever be able to take it away from you (try as they might). So here I am with @Mozdj and especially today looking back at how far I’ve come.

“My career has been incredible! There isn’t anyone that I haven’t been able to interview from the President and counting, and more than once. I was going to post a “beautiful“ picture but no, thank you Willis. This is the beautiful one.

“The one that reminds me how I had no idea that one day God would take me from nowhere and put me on a national stage. And not just put me there, give me authority in my calling. That I could speak and it would matter!

“This is the picture that reminds me He is still the same God and is still going to take me places and leave me speechless at what He will do.

"Can’t wait to frame it! Hopefully, this will be the picture that will also remind you with God all things are possible"

See the photo below.
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