Tuesday November 5, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta dared Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to conduct arrests in State House if it was found that there were tax anomalies. 

Speaking on Tuesday at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi where he was presiding over the annual Taxpayers Day, Uhuru urged KRA officials to conduct their constitutionally backed mandate without fear or favour.

"If you come to State House and you learn that we have done the same and have not paid what is due, deal with us.”

“What is the problem? It is your job," he stated.

"That way we set in place a process that shows that nobody, no one, is above the law," he added. 

The President also urged KRA to stretch its mandate to public offices and not just private businesses. 

"If you go to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) and realize that it has deducted funds from the MPs and has not remitted, Angwenyi is there.”

“You are free to arrest him," he stated, referring to Kitutu Chache North MP, Jimmy Angwenyi.


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