Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of the late businesswoman, Monica Kimani, has made a fresh bail application claiming that he is suffering in prison.

While appearing in court on Thursday, Jowie begged the court to consider the time he has spent in custody and free him on bail.

Jowie said that if he is released on bail, he has no intentions of fleeing out of the Country.
He argued that his co-accused, Jacque Maribe, was released on bail and she has never absconded court and so, he deserves to be granted bail.
“My second accused (Jacque Maribe) was granted bail and she never absconded court.”

“I deserve the same,” he said.

Jowie is the prime suspect in the murder of city businesswoman, Monica Kimani, who was found dead in her house last year.

She was raped before being brutally murdered.

DNA samples put Jowie at the scene of crime and he is said to be among the last people who were in contact with the deceased.

He is currently being held at Kamiti Maximum Prison.


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