Friday October 1, 2019-The ongoing evictions of Mau settlers has taken a dramatic turn after Emurua Dikkir MP, Johanna Ng’eno, threatened to evict other communities from his constituency.

The government, through the Environment Ministry, has been leading the campaign, amid reservations from Rift Valley politicians, claiming that the settlers rightfully own the land.

On Thursday, the Rift Valley politicians proceeded to condemn the evictions in Nairobi, with Ngeno issuing a rather threatening statement.

The MP said that should the state insist that Mau settlers leave the forest, it should also set the deadline when all people should now "return to their homes".

“The President should read the letter; it came from his office. Is it the position of the government that people should go back to where they came from? Is that the position of the government that all the people should go back to their counties of origin? To their ancestral land?”  he said.

He said that if that is the case, then President Uhuru Kenyatta should declare a date when everyone will be expected to return to their home counties.

"...then he should declare the deadline when all the rest will go back to where they came from,” he added, without naming the persons or group of people he meant should leave,” he added.



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