Tuesday November 5, 2019-Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has told Kenyans not to bank on the current division between Mt. Kenya region, saying that things will soon be different and the region will shock many in 2022.

This is even as Mt. Kenya is currently divided between the Tangatanga and Kieleweke factions, which has been seen to be a great danger to the region voting together in 2022.

But according to Mwaura, the region will shock Kenyans in 2022 because that all the current hard stands will slowly fade enabling the region to once again vote as a block.

He noted now that the region is leading in numbers as per the 2019 census results, it will also play a major role in the 2022 polls and must be in government.

"We are currently appearing divided but we will ultimately come together.”

“Kenyans will be surprised.”

“We must also be in the next government (Sasa tunaonekana tumegawanyika lakini mwishowe tutakuja pamoja, na wakenya watashangaa sana. Na tutakuwa kwa serikali itakayokuja)," he said.

Mwaura made the remarks on Radio Maisha on Tuesday morning, hosted by Billy Miya.


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  1. stop this tribal nonsense...2022 is far and the politics is sickening..what if the other tribes gang against the so called majority..lets respect everyone..Kenya belongs to all tribes or r those middle class who voted for the government enjoying...we are all crying "hakuna pesa" so give us a break!!!!

  2. Mt Kenya people are not divided. There is a small group of Kieleweke amorphous group devoid of any grassroot support. They go around the country purporting to represent Mt Kenya. They will be shocked come 2022.