Sunday, November 3, 2019- Kenyans have lambasted a city mum caught on camera shaving her teenage daughter’s hair as punishment.

In the viral video, the angry mother is seen shaving young girl who is thought to be her daughter while chiding her for stealing.

Apparently, the young girl wanted to grow her hair and plait it for the upcoming Christmas.

The mother claims that she has become insolent and decided to chop off her hair to teach her a lesson.

“Hii nywele nido inakupea kichwa hapa? Unadhania wewe ndio wa kwanza kushuka nywele hii Nairobi? Wewe! Wewe! Cheza na mimi hapa!,”the angry mother is heard fuming.

Kenyans reckon the mother went overboard in her mode of punishment as the humiliation will leave the young girl with life-long scars and low self-esteem.

Watch the video and reaction below.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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