Monday November 29,2019-A senior Wiper Democratic Movement party official has poured cold water on the newly launched Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)terming it as total hogwash and inconclusive.

In an opinion article in one of the local dailies on Friday, Wiper Democratic Movement Deputy party leader, Farah Maalim, pointed out that the report, in its current state, cannot address the main issue of exclusivity.

He says that instead of tackling the same, the report has made weak proposals which still leave the county in the same place it was before.

"The Prime Minister office they have proposed is borrowed from the Tanzanian model and will not resolve the issue of exclusion because the PM will still be an appointee of the President and most likely will come from a party that will form the government," he wrote.

He also notes that it has failed to address matters to do with the current winner-takes-it-all system, lack of national ethos, tribalism and the troublesome corruption menace.

Maalim, who is a former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly opined that the document does not address the issue of the country's financial and economic problems, taming the government's appetite for loans and the growing unemployment.

He also said BBI cannot be passed through a parliamentary process and it must be subjected to the people through a referendum.


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