Thursday November 7, 2019 - A vocal Jubilee MP has been manhandled by ODM goons for reportedly bribing voters in Kibra constituency.

According to impeccable sources, Kimilili MP, Didmus Barasa, was beaten by angry youths who told him to get out of Kibra because he was not a registered voter in the area.

Speaking to journalists after, Barasa said the goons who roughed him up were paid by ODM’s Director of Elections, Junet Mohamed

"ODM are desperate, what they are doing is chasing away Members of Parliament not allied to their parties, they even tried to rough Oscar Sudi up, they also tried to rough me up so I can say they thrive in violence," he stated.

He further alleged that Mohamed was a disgrace to the country, arguing that he was sponsoring the violence.

"A person like Junet [Mohamed] or John Mbadi giving boys money so that Tanga Tanga MPs can be chased away, that is completely unacceptable," he remarked.


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