Saturday, November 30, 2019-City lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, has revealed that although he believes in God, he is not totally religious.

Ombeta says that he drops his kids to church every Sunday but he doesn’t attend the service.

However, when he is invited for church harambees , he participates.

“Do you believe in God” Ombeta was asked in the interview and he responded saying.”Yes, but I can’t say I’m totally religious. I know God favours me; everything that has happened including the protection is because he has favoured me. I’m a SDA member (Seventh Day Adventist) and I normally drop my children off to church but I never go in. If there is a church harambee, I participate but, … yeah, I struggle going to church.”

When asked how he deals with his conscience after representing murderers, drug dealers and other criminals charged with capital offences, Ombeta said,"First of all, my duty is not to judge. As a criminal lawyer, my obligation is to discredit a witness, an assertion, a fact or any kind of evidence that is brought or presented against our clients no matter how horrible, evil or repulsive they are. This is done within the bounds of the law. Not out of it.

It does not matter my personal feelings whether it’s true or not. I cannot judge the client, but in doing so, we cannot present false testimony. Factual guilt is not an issue for us, it has no role as we defend. This is not a moral issue once you assume the duty to defend."


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