Boni Khalwale was DP William Ruto’s harshest critic, but now he is his darling.

The DP is also said to have a soft spot for him and going by their recent darlingship, what did the DP do in order to turn Khalwale into his friend?
DP Ruto has ambitions to become president in 2022 and thus needs to get support (or seem to) from all regions of the country.
In Western he chose the bullfighter to spearhead his campaigns of converting the hearts of Luhyas towards him.
The DP has been seen dancing with African Divine Church (ADC) members, wearing their caps and playing their drums. It is charm offensive that was clearly organized by Khalwale.
The members of ADC church also visited the DP’s ‘Statehouse’.

Atwoli doesn’t love DP Ruto and he’s been loud about it. From stating numerous times that the DP will not be there in 2022 to announcing to Luhyas that he’ll give them a list of candidates to vote for come 2022.
“I will be the one with the list of those to be considered for various seats at both local and national level and it is therefore up to you to consult with me or remain where you are if you think you are right,” he added.
COTU boss Francis Atwoli has sensationally warned Western Kenya politicians, especially those touted as Pro Ruto to either join him in Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) or risk being sent to political Siberia.
Atwoli is a wannabe king maker in western
DP Pays Khalwale

Details have emerged that Khalwale’s role aside from blogging is partly to act as a persistent irritant to top Luhya political leadership, with the trickle-down effect of occasioning general anxiety, as well as pitting Ruto’s allies in the region against each other, for the DP would not mind “as long as they campaign for him”.
The blogging part, he is doing impeccably.
In return, the DP gifted Khalwale with a Nissan Patrol luxury vehicle on top of a Ksh1 million monthly retainer in exchange of his loyalty and brinkmanship ahead of the 2022 transition.
It is a pity what the former promising legislator from Kakamega has become.
Yesterday , videos of him being chased like a dog in Kibra, all in the name of helping Ruto, divided Kenyans and showed how the once promising politician has been reduced to an errand boy.
The photo below  is heartbreaking to see, given that Khalwale dreams of being a Kakamega governor in the future.


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