Tuesday November 5, 2019-Samuel Kinyanjui, the driver to former Nyeri Governor, the late Wahome Gakuru, could further find himself in trouble given the latest testimony to the inquiry team investigating the death.

Gakuru died in November 2017, just three months after taking over as the third governor of Nyeri County. He beat Samuel Wamathai.

Wahome’s nephew, Simon Waruru, on Monday told the Nyeri Court that Gakuru used to call his personal driver 'mortuary', an indication that he had little trust in him.

According to him, the driver's character made Wahome always express reservations about him despite not calling for his removal.
“Gakuru used to give scenarios of how one could be assassinated. He kept mentioning that his political enemies could easily use the driver to eliminate him,” said Waruru.

Waruru claimed that a detective who led the investigation into Gakuru’s death had told him that the governor could have been killed.

“We were in constant contact with detective Nyuguto and he personally told me that Gakuru was assassinated,” he noted.

In June, Kinyanjui told the court he feared for his life, noting that the public had a perception he was responsible for Gakuru’s death.

“I was verbally attacked inside a local supermarket by an individual who claimed I was paid to eliminate Gakuru,” the driver stated.

He died at Thika Hospital with postmortem showing that he had excessive bleeding. His vehicle had hit guardrails near Kenol.


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