Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - Following social media outrage and arrest threats, popular Gengetone group, Ethic, have issued an apology over their controversial song dubbed Tarimbo.

The fast rising group released the song on Friday and it went viral for all the wrong reasons.
A section of Kenyans took offense with some of the lyrics in the song that seemed to glorify rape.

In the chorus, Reckless brags about how he can have sex with a lady with or without her consent which is basically rape.

“Bas, bas joo kama ana maringo, mi hupenda chapa na tarimbo, mi huchapachapa na kanyaga namwaga bila hata permission.” he raps.

Shortly after its release, the Kenya Film Classification CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, said he had written to YouTube to pull the song down and called for the arrest of the singers.

The song is till on YouTube and has so far clocked 700K views.

The Group’s has now issued a public apology to anyone who was offended by the song on twitter.

Check out their tweets below.


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