Monday November 4, 2019-The supremacy battle between the Executive and Judiciary has reached the boiling point.

This is after Chief Justice David Maraga vowed never to attend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s functions any more.

This follows the cutting of Judiciary budget by Uhuru’s Government; something that has irked Maraga to the core.

Addressing the nation at the Supreme Court, Maraga decries contemptuous treatment by the Executive and declared he will choose which State events and functions to attend going forward.

He accused Uhuru’s Government of sabotaging him with budget cuts with an intention of kicking him out the Judiciary.

Besides, Maraga accused the Executive of demeaning his office and not according him the respect that he deserves.

Maraga warned Uhuru that unless budget cuts for Judiciary are revised, things will grind to a halt literally.

“Unless the budget cuts are reversed, we do not have money for fuel, we will not have mobile courts, we will not have the court of Appeal circuits, we will not be able to pay for wi-fi for the e-filing and e-payments, plans to automate corruption courts will halt,” he said.



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