Tuesday November 19, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has been asked to tag along his Deputy President, William Ruto, in every meeting he attends, as a show of unity between them.

Speaking on Radio Maisha on Monday morning, Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, noted that since the two were elected on a single ticket, they should stick together at all times.

He said that he would like to see that happening until their tenure expires in 2022.
"From now on, every meeting we attend, we want to see the President and Ruto until 2022."

"Wakenya waliwachagua wakiwa wawili (Kenyans elected them as a pair)," he said.

The vocal lawmaker spoke in reference to Friday's meeting in Nyeri, where the DP was left out, as politicians with roots in Mt Kenya region met Uhuru at Sagana State Lodge.

He said that when 2022 comes, each man will handle his own issues, should they decide to go separate ways, in the event that Uhuru fails to keep his promise to back Ruto.

However, he observed that things appear fine between the two.

"When 2022 comes, each person will go his way."

"However, if Uhuru has issues with Ruto, he could have said it by now (Ikifika 2022 kila mtu ataenda njia yake lakini kama Uhuru ako na shida na Ruto angekuwa ashasema)," he said.


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