Friday November 8,2019 - Former Kisumu East MP, Gor Sungu, has appealed to members of the public to assist his family trace their son’s bicycle that was stolen from their home in Kajulu in Kisumu County.

According to the former ODM lawmaker, an unknown individual stole a Philips mountain bike from his son at Alango village, Kajulu West.

The former flamboyant politician said there was a reward for anyone who would help the family get back the bicycle…..

His close associates say that the former vibrant politician is going through financial turmoil and has perfected the art of sneaking cheap liquor to high-end clubs in Kisumu and drinks the same from the pocket whenever the haw-keyed bouncers were not looking at his direction.

He tried to contest the Kisumu East MP seat in 2017 but he lost to Shakir Shabbir, who is preferred by Raila Odinga because he had more money that him.

“Raila Odinga needs men with money to bribe him,”’ One ODM MP told a local daily recently.


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