Sunday, November 3, 2019-At the height of her fame and career, Jennie Lee was one of the most sought after actresses in the porn industry.

She ventured into the lucrative industry when she was 21 years old and appeared in over 106 pornographic movies and posed nude in many porn websites.

Her last popular adult film was in 2016 before she disappeared, prompting fans to question on her safety and whereabouts.

She was recently traced by a group of journalists doing investigative report on homelessness in the city of Las Vegas and guess what?, they bumped into  Jennie Lee who is now 36 years old struggling with life in makeshift tent in the streets of Las Vegas.

Apparently, hard drugs wrecked the life of the former pornstar.

See how she looked during her “glory” days.

 See how she looks now.

Fans react.


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