Wednesday November 27, 2019 - Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has thrown her weight behind the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, which was unveiled on Tuesday.

In the report handed over to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the BBI task-force has proposed among others, the formation of an official opposition leader's post.

In a post on social media after the report was released, Kihika backed the committee's recommendations, adding that she is happy the suggestions can be looked at through Parliament, without going for a referendum.
"Now that the BBI report is out and I have had the time to unpack it, I am relieved to see; there will be no referendum which would have led the country down a very divisive road not to mention it would have cost the taxpayer over Sh20 billion," Kihika stated.

Kihika also appeared to mock ODM leader, Raila Odinga, one of the leading figures in the pursuit for changes, over his initial claim that the BBI report would come as a 'tsunami' which will sweep all opposers of change into the ocean.

According to Kihika, the changes will be agreed on in Parliament, in a calm and orderly way.

"The proposals will go to Parliament for further engagement and review. No tsunami at all. I support!" she added.

The report, which will be made public at the Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, also proposes the introduction of a Prime Minister's post, whose holder will be picked by the President.


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