Friday November 29, 2019-Thirdway Alliance party Secretary-General, Frederick Okango, has maintained that the party is willing to combine its referendum push with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Speaking on Wednesday, Okango said that the BBI report cannot be of any help to Kenyans in its current state, and might need to be polished before being presented for a referendum.

On the other hand, he noted that his party has also polished the suggestions contained in its Punguza Mizigo amendment push, calling upon the BBI fraternity to consider combining the two.

"We have a bill and they have their own suggestions. That’s why we're are saying; let's combine them (Sisi tuko na mswada, na wao pia wako na wao. So tunasema, jamani tuyaleteni pamoja tuzichanganye)," he said.

He cautioned that the threats being issued by ODM party; that the changes will result in a "tsunami", which will crush opposers of the changes, are not of any help to Kenyans.

He also lauded the BBI team for coming up with a number of sensible proposals, some of which are shared by the Thirdway Alliance, including making wards the centre of development.

"I can see they have emulated us on making wards the centres of development and pushing for the President's election by citizens (Naona wamejaribu kutuiga kwa mambo ya kufanya wadi ziwe ndizo nguzo za maendeleo na rais kuchaguliwa na wananchi)," he added.



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