Saturday, November 23, 2019-There was drama at Imbiakalo Village of Malava area in Kakamega County after two pastors were busted having sex with married women in the same room.

In the Friday afternoon incidence that baffled the residents , one of the pastors, a middle-aged man, was busted feasting neighbor’s wife in her matrimonial bed.

The said preacher was in the company of another pastor who was also engaging in the sexual act with another married woman in the same room.

The two preachers reportedly belong to Nazareth Winners’ Church in Kakamega.

The middle aged preacher was frog-marched to a nearby police station while the other one managed to escape.

The two married women also escaped and their whereabouts are not known.

One of the randy women’s husband who witnessed the drama and caught his wife  red handed being chewed in their matrimonial bed spoke to K24 and said, “The pastors were having sex with my wife and the spouse of my neighbour. One of the said-preachers managed to escape, whereas the other was arrested. It hurts me that I found them engaging in intimacy in my house. That is despicable and disrespectful,”

Listen to the audio of the husband cursing his randy wife.

An elderly man who witnessed the drama condemned the two pastors and married women and said that he was baffled to see such a thing happening.

“These pastors are baffling us by the day. As an elder in Kakamega, we have never heard of such incidents before. Two pastors, two married women, in one room? That is pure disrespect!”  He said.

They should have engaged in the sins in a far-off land. I wish to tell men that there is nothing so special, sexually, in another woman that you wouldn’t get from your wife,” said a female resident.

“I urge women to stick to their partners. What these women have done is so shameful,” another woman added.

Listen to the audio of the area residents condemning the act.


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