Tuesday November 5, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has raised concerns about KRA's pursuit of suspected tax defaulters, stating that some of its previous crackdowns have been overzealous and may have hurt the country's economy.

Speaking at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi while presiding over the annual Taxpayers Day, Uhuru told KRA Commissioner General, James Mburu, to go slow on tax fraudsters and not to scare them away.

He urged the taxman to find a method that would work in favour of both the traders and the commission for maximum tax collection.

"We must be friendly.”

“We cannot criminalize everything.”

“Fear and threats should not form the basis of the relationship between the taxman and the client.”

“Someone might have made a legitimate mistake.”

“Sit down together and find a solution," President Kenyatta suggested.

He stated that if such measures are taken, it would be hard for traders to make such mistakes again.


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  1. Stop setting such high revenue collection targets. Let the KRA collect what is due and report revenue not the other way round. Targets also encourage graft. Sasa, agree an amicable solution with Keroche proprietors