Friday, November 1, 2019 - A Ben 10 is living in regret after he found out that a sugar-mummy he has been having a secret affair with is HIV positive.

The young man who is 23 years old took to social media and posted photos of ARV drugs that he found in his sugar-mummy’s house.

He was smashing her goodies without knowing that she is infected with the dreaded virus.

The poor dude further posted photos in bed with the sugar-mummy and reminisced the good times they had together before he found out that she was HIV positive.

He  warned any man who has intentions of sliding into the woman’s pants to prepare for a coffin because she is walking dead.

Here are photos of the HIV positive sugar-mummy and the ARV drugs he spotted in her house.

See the ARV drugs he spotted in his sugar-mummy's house.


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