Friday November 29, 2019-Former US President Barrack Obama's younger sister, Auma Obama, has joined the ranks of Kenyans citizens questioning the amount spent on the collection of data and the production of the BBI report.

In a Twitter post yesterday, Auma expressed her reservations about the secretive nature that the government had adopted in terms of revealing the full cost of the BBI project.

This is after it emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had spent a whopping Ksh10 billion, through BBI team, to collect information from Kenyans and to consolidate the BBI report before it was officially unveiled on Wednesday.

"How can a report (pen to paper) cost so much? The government has the resources internally to put together any report on anything in the country.”

“Who was getting this money? Can/ have these funds be/ been audited?" she posed.

Early Thursday morning, BBI taskforce joint secretary, Martin Kimani, came out to deny the rumors, stating that the amount they had spent was not close to what was being alleged on the internet.

He, however, turned down the request to reveal the exact amount of money spent during the process and insisted that he would first sit down with the administrator and establish the exact figures.

Auma's sentiments were supported by other Kenyans who felt that the BBI report did not reflect the expectations that they had before it's release.



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