Monday November 4, 2019-Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has reignited maize farming politics, which have divided Rift Valley politicians for months now.

In a swipe targeting Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday, Keter said maize farmers are enjoying relative peace following increase in local market prices.

Keter said Ruto’s absence from maize farming politics have improved things in the business.

He also dismissed the DP, who has pitched tent in Kibra to campaign for McDonald Mariga, as chief priest of corruption.

"Maize farmers are very happy this year because the prices are good. The cartels did not import maize this year after the failed attempt in June and of course the high priest of corruption who is also the chief cartel is busy in Kibra by-election," he said.

Despite criticism from local politicians, the DP has insisted that he's not responsible for predicaments facing maize farmers.

Strategic Food Reserve Fund under Noah Wekesa, ruled out maize importation, arguing that the country is having enough at the moment.

“We only need to import two million bags in August in case of emergency but the government should handle the importation in order to avoid over-importation like last year," Wekesa said. 

Agriculture minister Mwangi Kiunjuri, a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, had been pushing for importation of maize to the country.



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