Thursday, October 24, 2019 - Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama, Zari Hassan, has mocked Diamond’s current girlfriend, Tanasha Donna, for bragging about an iPhone 11 that the Tanzanian singer bought for her.

The Kenyan beauty flaunted the phone that costs Ksh109, 000 on social media and went on to thank Diamond for the gift.

While Tanasha was over the moon, some netizens decided to use the opportunity to knock her down by telling her to stop being a show off and borrow a leaf from Zari.

The Ugandan socialite saw the post and stated that she prefers Samsung phones although she has ordered the iPhone 11 for her children.

“I love my Samsungs they have the best photo quality. IPhone 11 Pro nishafanya order za watoto” she wrote

When Tanasha was pregnant, Zari warned her to prepare to raise the baby single handedly citing Diamond’s deat beat tendencies.

Zari, who has two kids with Diamond, has accused the singer of not meeting parental obligations and going for months without seeing them.

“Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but I would advise Tanasha to be ready to take care of the child alone because…” she stated

See the post below.

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