Tuesday October 22, 2019 - Nominated MP, Maina Kamanda, has warned politicians opposing the Building Bridges Initiative team that they will be crushed like insects if they stand in the way of change.

Speaking on Monday, Kamanda defended the BBI team, insisting that it collected views from among Kenyans.

He said that Kenyans of goodwill shall ensure that the report is implemented.

"Before I was unable to visit Kibra, but now, together with other people in Jubilee Party, we can come here at any time and at will," he said.

"BBI views are being opposed by a few individuals who are also against the handshake, but I can assure you their efforts to fight BBI is doomed and has failed," said Kamanda. 

His warning comes days after it emerged that Deputy President William Ruto, who has been opposing the team, planted moles within the taskforce to give him briefs.

Some of the moles gave the DP briefings on a daily basis, the reason why Dr Ruto has been going ballistic against the BBI team.

“We have seen the draft and some of their proposals cannot be implemented,” a high-ranking member of the DP’s war council said through a short message Saturday.

The BBI team is set to hand over the report to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, with recommendations on the referendum expected.


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