Sunday, October 6, 2019-There was drama in a club after a man and a woman  engaged in a war of words and washed each other’s dirt in public.

The horny  woman reportedly paid the man for sex and after they were done with their “business”, they went back to the club to  enjoy more drinks.

However, things turned ugly after the woman started embarrassing the man, saying  that he is so useless in body.

She revealed that the poor man can’t perform and regretted wasting her money.

In-order to save face, the man started saying that the woman is not sweet in bed and that’s why he couldn’t perform well.

As the bitter exchange of words continued, the woman confronted the man and gave him a hot slap that he will never forget anytime soon.

The video was taken in one of the clubs in Kampala.

Watch it here.


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