Tuesday, October 22, 2019- Controversial politician and farmer, Jackson Kibor, was the key note speaker in the first ever Men’s conference held on Monday, October 21, in Eldoret.

Addressing the conference held at Noble Hotel in Eldoret, Mr. Kibor, 85, advised men to be firm but non-violent and not to be easily swayed by their women.

The octogenarian, who has had three messy public divorces, claimed that the man’s position in the family was being overlooked and that men needed to reclaim it.

“Stay with your wife, there are some wives who are good-hearted and come from good families. You have to respect them.

“On the other hand, we have evil women. They are ruined by alcohol just the way some young men are,” he stated.

On the same breath, Kibor cautioned men against being stuck in dysfunctional relationships that could turn ugly in the end.
“When the marriage hits rock bottom, and there are more sorrowful days than blissful ones, then don’t hesitate leaving that union. Walk out before it becomes a disaster,” he said.

The former Ward Rep also expressed his concerns at the high number of young men dying due to lifestyle diseases leaving widows behind.

“The secret to a long life is eating healthy and strong adherence to traditional food. If you go to my farm now you cannot believe it belongs to an old man like me.

The ‘Chairman’ as he’s fondly referred to, also admonished lazy men who wait for their wealthy parents to pass on so they can inherit their properties.

“Build your own empire from scratch,” he said, revealing why he refused to transfer a 1, 250-acre parcel of land to his five sons.

“I decided to rescind a decision of transferring the land to them after one of the five became an alcoholic,” said Kibor.

Kibor has been married three times, and divorced twice. He formally ditched his second wife in October 2017, and third wife in December 2018.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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