Thursday October 3, 2019 - Likoni channel almost recorded another tragedy today after a disabled man attempted to swim across the Likoni channel following the suspension of the ferry services.

The man, who is said to have been frustrated about waiting for the services to be restored as divers worked to retrieve the bodies of the tragedy victims, however, did not reach far.

Despite his spirited efforts, his attempt was thwarted by the divers who were in a boat trying to retrieve the bodies of Mariam Kigenda and her daughter, Amanda Mutheu.

To the shock and amazement of the people gathered around the scene, the unidentified man actually had a physical disability where one leg seemed to have been amputated.

Some residents complained that the delay in ferry operations had inconvenienced many people who needed to cross to the mainland and vice-versa.

The delays were necessitated by the fact that retrieval efforts could not continue as ferries operated across the busy channel.

These crucial transport services were halted for a couple of hours for the past few days as the government came under pressure to retrieve the bodies.


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