Tuesday October 1, 2019-The gruesome murder of Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, has forced several European embassies and international organizations to warn their citizens and employees against marrying members of a particular tribe in Kenya.

Tob Cohen, who was a billionaire by status, was killed by his wife Sarah Wairimu who is currently cooling her heels at Langata Women’s Prison in Nairobi.

Following the murder, Dutch embassy in Nairobi was the first to warn its citizens against marrying Kikuyu women.

The Dutch embassy in a memo told their citizens that Kikuyu women are only interested money and can kill you so that she can inherit your fortunes.

United Nations officers in Nairobi have also been warned against associating themselves with Kikuyu women since they can be drugged, robbed or even killed like Tob Cohen.

Cohen, who was a former Philips East Africa CEO, disappeared on July 19th this year but 42 days later his body was found inside a septic tank in his Kitisuru home.

His Widow, Sarah is the prime suspect in the murder.

Wairimu is a Kikuyu from Central Kenya.


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