Tuesday October 1, 2019-The death of the 35-year old woman and her daughter at Likoni Ferry on Sunday when their vehicle plunged into the Indian Ocean, has exposed the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta in negative light.

This is after it emerged that the Government lacked of proper safety equipment and has been forced to acquire some from a South African firm on a whim.

This comes even as Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata had earlier explained that attempts to retrieve the deceaseds' bodies were thwarted by lack of proper equipment.

According to Elungata, it forced the State to make the impromptu purchases of the equipment on Tuesday in order to pull the car and its victims from the bottom of the ocean.

Mariam Kigenda Taita, 35, and her daughter, aged four years, passed away after their car slid off MV Harambee Ferry in Likoni.


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