Tuesday October 29, 2019-A budding political analyst has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to watch "Cancer Country" on Citizen TV and see how Kenyans are suffering as he continues amassing frequent-flier bonuses.

On Sunday, millions of Kenyans shed their tears after seeing how cancer patients are undergoing in the hands of government doctors who are discriminating them and charging them exorbitant fees despite Uhuru lying to the world that there is something called free medical care in Kenya.

In a Facebook post, Joseph Munene, who is a political analyst based in Narok urged Kenyans to force Uhuru watch Cancer country and realisie that he has failed the nation completely.

“If we have a president in this country, he should be forced to watch the "cancer country" on citizen tv. To think that we voted him twice in an election and then setting aside 10 billion for building bridges to nowhere is sickening. That 10 billion should have been set aside for cancer centre. What a shame!” Munene wrote.


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