Thursday October 24, 2019 - In Africa, Presidential jets are one of the few perks of holding a country’s topmost seat.

In fact the relationship between some leaders and jets can serve as a manual on how power is wielded - and often abused.

To hire a private jet costs an arm and a leg and most African leaders have purchased or hired high end jets to cruise around the world as their subjects die of Malaria and other preventable diseases.

On Sunday, the Kenyan Government which is struggling with a high wage bill and huge foreign debt hired an Airbus 318-112 jet to chauffer President Uhuru Kenyatta from Mombasa to Tokyo, Japan.

The Jet which was hired from Dubai based Constellation Aviation Services (CAS), arrived in the country on Sunday and its next stop was Almaty in Kazakhstan for refueling before landing in Japan.

Kenyatta and the First Lady, according to the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU), were special guests of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

They were among the over 170 Heads of States who attended the enthronement ritual for Emperor Naruhito on Tuesday, at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan.


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  1. Kenyans needs to step up from all coners of the country and march to the state house on a revolution scheme like Egyptians and kick Uhuru out of parliament. He's killing the country as he protects his family fortunes