Friday October 18, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the first time explained why he likes to appoint old men and women in his Government.

Early this week, Uhuru shocked the entire world when he hired former Othaya MP, Mary Wambui, as the chairperson of the National Employment Authority (NEA).

But speaking in Nairobi, Uhuru said he is comfortable with old men and women because they are more transparent and trustworthy compared to young people.

"It's better I remain with that old man so that he takes care of the money and ensures that it's put in good use."

"We have seen how these people (youth) have mismanaged funds, better the old men,” Uhuru stated.

Wambui, who is in her sunset years, said she deserves the post as much as anyone else. 

In fact, she insisted that she is the most qualified hence her appointment.

“I got the post because I am better than those complaining."

"I have the qualifications and experience to run the office,” Wambui said on Thursday.


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