Monday October 7, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government has slammed the United States Government accusing it of rejecting a bid to declare Al Shabaab a terror group.

Speaking on Monday, Uhuru through the Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi, said the move by the US to reject to declare Al shabaab a terrorist group embolden the group to the extent of making them considered for financial assistance by foreign organizations.

“I have in my mind the recent decision by the US to refuse to declare Al Shabaab a terrorist group.”

“This ensures the group becomes a recipient of financing even by taxpayers,” Muturi said.

“The glorified terrorist groups like the al Shabaab in Somalia enjoy protection by some superpowers through civil society groups in the guise of human rights activists.”

“This trend is unfortunate and has the potential to water down all the gains made in the fight against terrorist groupings.”

The assertion was, however, immediately discounted by US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter who said the US Government has never failed to declare and categorise the Somalia militants as a terror grouping.

According to McCarter, the US supported the United Nations resolution No. 751 which declare Al Shabaab a terrorist group, denying allegations made by the Speaker.

“There are no questions here.”

“The US has declared Al-Shabaab terrorists and we will use everything within that resolution to degrade them (terrorists),” McCarter said.


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