Tuesday October 29, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta is not happy with the way Federation of Kenya Football (FKF) chairman, Nick Mwendwa, is running football in the country.

On Tuesday, Mwendwa, who addressed a Press Conference in Nairobi bemoaned lack of Government support for various national teams.

Mwenda, who was shouting accused Sports Principal Secretary, Kirimi Kaberia, of refusing to fund national teams competing in international assignments.

Mwendwa explained that he has been forced to cancel training for the Harambee Starlets ahead of next week’s 2020 Olympics qualifier against Zambia in Nairobi and Lusaka.

Mwendwa claimed that Kaberia, who is the principal accounting officer in his Ministry, had consistently refused to respond to official requests to fund the national women’s football team – referred to as Harambee Starlets – for the past year.

But in a fast rejoinder, Kaberia asked that the federation to account for every Government penny.

According to Kaberia, FKF was given Sh 244 million during AFCON and they are yet to show what they did with the money.

Kaberia asked Nick Mwenda to account for every penny he was given during AFCON, failure to which DCI officers will be sent to the Federation’s headquarters to see how the money was spent.


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