Friday October 11, 2019-Amani National Congress (ANC) party Secretary General, Ballack Muluka has claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have lost control of the government to NASA leader Raila Odinga.

In an article in one of the local dailies, Muluka said Raila Odinga‘s move of ordering the stopping of dredging exercise in Mombasa is a sign that Uhuru and Ruto are longer in control of the government.

Last week, Raila Ordered the stopping of dredging exercise in Mombasa to enable bodies of Miriam Kigenda and her child be retrieved. Kigenda and her child drowned 14 days ago and their bodies were recovered on Friday.

Now according to Muluka claimed that only a person with a very high status in government could have issued a directive in such a manner and have it followed to the latter.

"Raila did not follow the procedure by stating that 'under the power conferred upon me by section 28.1 (a) 2 of the removing stuff from water laws 1943, I hereby direct that there be no more dredging," Muluka stated.

Muluka claimed that Raila's directive proved that Uhuru was so focused on his legacy that he has lost grip of things on the ground, in effect leaving Raila to run rampant.

He further stated that Ruto was so lost in his weekly 'Tangatanga' rallies aimed at securing his 2022 presidential ambitions that he was forgetting that there was a present he needed to concentrate on.

"The President of the republic sleeps in the Statehouse, and his deputy spends all his time on the road distributing money to a church that does not want it anymore. The driver is asleep on the job, and the conductor is experiencing money problems, who else do you expect to take charge?" he posed.



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