Thursday October 17, 2019 - A vocal Jubilee Party legislator has revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, are no longer friends despite Jubilee Party Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, claiming that the two are reading from the same script.

Speaking on Thursday, Igembe North, Joseph Nteruaki, claimed Uhuru and Ruto have been seen to grow distant lately, with their allies also engaging in verbal fights, despite the DP's attempts to reassure Kenyans of their solid union.

"The friendship between the president and the deputy is no longer visible.”

“It's clear that the Jubilee Party has been divided into the Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga”

“(Ile urafiki ya Rais na naibu wake sasa haionekani. Ukiangalia Jubilee nikama sasa imekuwa Kieleweke na Tangatanga)," Nteruaki said.

Uhuru has appeared lately to pull his new ally and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, closer, at the expense of his DP who appears isolated.

Ruto and his team have openly cast suspicions about the union, with the DP repeatedly claiming that Raila is trying to use the comradery to break the ruling Jubilee Party ahead of the 2022 polls.


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