Monday, October 7, 2019 - The wives of the late Kikuyu benga singer, John De Mathew, stunned Netizens after they posed for a photo to show the world that they are living in unity after the death of their husband.

The two women who have formed a facebook fan page dubbed, DeMathew Queens,  put up beautiful smiles and captioned the photo,

We as De Mathew's Queens we are grateful to our husband for setting the pace for us to live as a United family.

It is all about God and the more reason we purposed that even after our husband's demise no one can come in between us.

Forward we can only go backward never.

Your good memories Baba ciku will live with us as a family because the Bible says the memory of a good person is a blessing.

Have a blessed night and like our page.

We will continue to learn from one another.”

Just look at this beautiful photo that will make DeMathew smile from the grave.

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