Thursday October 3, 2019 - NTV Kenya news political affairs reporter, Kennedy Murithi, may be banished from his parliamentary coverage if threats by Senator Aaron Cheruiyot are anything to go by.

This is after Cheruiyot accused him of misinforming the public of an impending bill which seeks to shield all money allocated to Parliament from external scrutiny.

Speaking to NTV on Thursday, Cheruiyot who was evidently at pain to explain what exactly the draft bill contained was, however, quick to claim that the report smacked off ill-motive.

"Murithi is my friend but I have told him very soon, as the Parliament, we will consider withdrawing his parliamentary credentials.”

“As a reporter, he owes it to Kenyans to be factual in his report.”

“To the best of my knowledge, that report smacks of ill-will.”

“Chances are, he has misreported on that bill.”

“I do not think what he reported is accurate," he said.


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