Today soccer results of the English Premier League

The current football tournaments in many countries are spectacular and have interesting fights throughout the season. Many of today soccer results amaze the fans with the sensational outcomes, because the competitions are held in a busy rhythm: the teams are fighting for their high goals and trying to achieve the champion title or win a certain cup. 

However, among all the leagues of the top-5 countries, the English Premier League stands out the most thanks to the multi-million dollar contracts of players, a large number of star football players and professional coaches instilling a bright style in the teams. Of the 20 clubs that are currently presented in the Premier League, almost everyone has the opportunity to take a high place. But Liverpool is more likely to become a champion.

Most of today's soccer results demonstrate a tough struggle, when even those teams that were obvious outsiders before the start of the season do not want to lose. For example, the high places of Burnley and Crystal Palace, and yet the experts predict for them low places in the tournament. This is what distinguishes the English Premier League from other tournaments - it has perseverance, great desire to win and maximum season goals of all teams.

New season – English Premier League results and statistics
Confident and vigorous at the start, Liverpool performs well and for the first time in a long time strives to become a champion. Manchester City lost ground somewhat, while Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester are entering the championship at the beginning of the season without much confidence.
Among all the English Premier League results, it is also worth highlighting the main losers of the first matches:
  1. Everton - despite the high quality of the transfer campaign, the Toffees failed the start of the season and are now at the bottom of the standings. Their fans are disappointed and want the players to improve the situation.
  2. Manchester United - last year, the Mancunians saved the season. This season, the players will have to do the same, regardless of the maximum goals set before the start of the tournament.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur - the team claims higher places, but failed at the start due to many players being injured.
Separately, we can highlight the English Premier League results of Newcastle and Aston Villa. The teams that once claimed high places have hard times at the start of the season without demonstrating the necessary level of football. However, this is only the beginning, and the fight for positions will undoubtedly continue until the very last round.

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