Thursday October 24, 2019 - Newly appointed Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ndegwa, has for the first time spoken about his appointment as the boss of the telecom giant.

In his message after Safaricom Ltd’s board made the announcement on Thursday, Ndegwa, who is currently the Managing Director at Diageo Continental Europe, drew inspiration from his mentor and teacher, the late Dr Geoffrey Griffin.

Dr Griffin’s aspiration was a duty first, honour second and this is exactly what Peter Ndegwa said after he became the first Kenyan to become Safaricom’s top boss.

“Instead of just looking at what the government can do, we need to acknowledge that large organisations can improve society and shift how people think and feel.”

“For me, this is about working with others to build sustainable businesses that can make a difference in people’s lives,” Ndegwa said in a statement.

When he was head of East Africa Breweries Limited’s Sales Department in early 2000s, Ndegwa came up with a brilliant idea of introducing Senator Keg which later transformed lives of millions of Kenyans especially sorghum farmers.

His idea also reduced consumption of illicit alcohol that had claimed lives of thousands of Kenyans.

Ndegwa is an accountant with an MBA from the London Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nairobi.


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