Tuesday October 1, 2019-John Wambua, the husband of the woman who lost her life in the Likoni ferry tragedy, would have suffered a similar fate as his wife and daughter in the Indian Ocean, if not for a last minute decision.

According to reports, the victim, Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Kigenda, were on their way to the family farm at Gasi in Msambweni when the tragedy struck.

However, Wambua decided not to accompany Kigenda as he usually did and opted to remain home instead and that last minute decision saved his life.

"I normally accompany her to the farm, but on Sunday I opted to stay indoors with my son Elvis and that’s why escaped death," he emotionally narrated.

Wambua, who learned of the tragedy on Twitter, ran from his house in Tudor to Likoni Police Station without shoes where he confirmed that indeed a saloon car had plunged into the sea from the ferry.

He narrated that he had spoken to her at about 6 pm when she boarded the ferry where she complained about the long queues and the information from the police had him preempting the worst.

"I tried to call her for the second time but I could not reach her, and that is when I decided to rush to Likoni Ferry to find out what could have happened to her," he said.



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