Friday October 4, 2019 - Caroline Adhiambo, a woman who was in the ill-fated Eldoret Express bus that crashed in Awasi, has narrated the horror of what transpired under the cover of darkness.

Speaking on Friday after the accident, Adhiambo said that she was asleep when the bus reached Awasi.

Suddenly, she was jolted from her sleep only to wake up to find that the child she was carrying in her hands was dead with the neck badly shredded by metal.

"When we got to Awasi, we got an accident and I really can't explain what happened.”

“I was jolted only to realise we were on the ground and people were praying and screaming.”

“I was shocked, the kid that I was carrying in my arms had the neck badly crushed and he died,”

“(Sasa kufika Awasi tulipata accident na siwezi eleza kilichotendeka mimi nilishtuka tu tuko chini, watu wanaomba, wanapiga nduru. Sasa ndio nilishtuka, kuangalia mtot mwenye nilikuwa nimebeba chuma ya gari imemfinya shingo mpaka aka... Alikufa hapo hapo)," Odhiambo said.

He was on her way to Machakos from Luanda Kotieno when the accident happened.

At least 13 people perished in that horror crash with scores sustaining injuries and taken to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral Hospital for treatment.


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