Tuesday, October 29, 2019-An ardent supporter of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, who has been busy praising him like a god  on social media and bragging that he is ready  to die for the ODM leader, has turned around and criticized him for being stingy.

According to the Kisii man,  a life member of ODM, Raila loses elections because he is stingy.

He noted that Deputy President William Ruto has been splashing money in Kibera as compared to the former Prime Minister, who never dishes out money in political campaigns.

He further noted that even in Harambees, Raila never contributes money compared to his political competitors like Ruto.

He predicted that Raila’s candidate Imran Okoth  will lose to Ruto’s candidate MacDonald Mariga  in Kibera because the ODM leader has not been funding Imran and splashing money around like Ruto.

Watch video of the ODM die-hard calling out Baba for being stingy.


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